Vasken Ohanian

Composer, Conductor, Countertenor


Exploring the Human Spirit

         If music reflects the world around it, then each composition is a time capsule containing the culture, spirit, and philosophy of the past. Each performance is like an adventure in a time machine; The memories and experiences of people and composers  are reawakened and reimagined by our modern minds. A great conductor is a guide on this adventure, synchronizing the imaginations of the ensemble members to create world changing experiences for the listener.

         Collectively, we can immerse ourselves in the passion of Verdi and Komitas. We can search for ourselves in the piety of Bach and Palestrina.  We can tour the endless infinity through the vision (and wackiness) of modern composers.  When we decide to join a conductor in concert on a journey, we allow ourselves to more deeply explore the human spirit.

Vasken Ohanian - Recollections of the Forgotten
V. To Live

April 24th, 2016

Henk Badings - Trois Chansons Bretonnes:
II. La complainte des âmes

The Bob Cole Conservatory University Choir

Spring 2015

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