Vasken Ohanian

Composer, Conductor, Countertenor


" make music that moves the world."

A composer and the World

         In the past, composers composers were heralded as the voices of nations.  Each nation with their own unique voice and style.  Italy had Verdi.  Finland had Sibelius.  Armenia had Komitas...  Yet as the nationalist monarchies and oligarchies have fallen, new democratic countries have become "melting pots" for new cultures and ideas;  time and technology have stirred these "melting pots" and blurred the lines between cultures.

         Just as these cultures continue to melt together, so does the role and voices of composers.  Still, this change may not necessarily be for the worst.  After all, music and art can only be relevant so long as they reflect the world around them.  Only then are composers able to make music that moves the world.

         As such, in compositions you will find truly authentic music.  You will find music created in attempt to move the hearts of people and the world.  Here you will hear music from the "melting pot" that is my life, my Armenian heritage, my American upbringing, and my European classical training.

Vasken Ohanian - Recollections of the Forgotten: III. To Dream

The Ad Hoc Orchestra
The Bob Cole Conservatory University Choir
Vasken Ohanian, Director.

An oratorio in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

Vasken Ohanian - Song of the Knight (Ասպետին Երքը)
Poetry by Siamanto (Սիամանթօ)

The Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir
Dr. Jonathan Talberg, Director

Commissioned for a concert dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.
February 2015

Vasken Ohanian - Pimps Under Attack

Mckenzie Camp and Nicholas Matthiesen

November 2012

Vasken Ohanian - Ave

The International Orange Chorale of San Francisco
Zane Fiala, director

Finalist in the 8th Biannual San Francisco Conservatory Choral Composition Competition
May 2012

Vasken Ohanian - Rhapsody on an Armenian Lullaby

The San Francisco Conservatory Preparatory Division:
         Violin - Natalie Yeo
         Piano - Sophia Liao

Winner of the 14th Annual Kris Getz Composition Competition
May 2010

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