Vasken Ohanian

Composer, Conductor, Countertenor

The Komitas Series

" spread Armenian classical music to the world."

The Mission

Komitas Vardapet is widely considered to be the godfather of Armenian Classical Music.  Though born in the Ottoman Empire, he trained as a musician in Berlin.  Following his studies, he extensively studied and documented the workings of Armenian folk music. The combination of having such a profound understanding of Armenian folk music and western training allowed him to create truly Armenian classical music.

Just as Komitas brought classical music to Armenia, VAOMusik's Komitas Series seeks to spread Armenian classical music to the world.  As much of Armenia's classical music can often be difficult to find, translate, and transliterate for non-Armenian speakers, The Komitas Series works to provide performance editions of Armenian classical music literature in a way that is more accessible and understandable for all.

– Vasken Ohanian


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