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frequently asked questions

How will I receive purchased scores?

All music scores sold on this website are digital scores;  Except for in rare circumstances, VAOMusik does not ship a physical product. Once you complete your order, you will be sent a password protected PDF with a limited copy license to legally print the amount of copies for which you paid (emails will be sent no later than 5 business days). Please note that if more copies are needed, you must order the additional amount. Additional copies made above and beyond the number you purchase is copyright infringement and prohibited by U.S. copyright laws.

What is a limited copy license?

A limited copy license allows you to print and distribute only the number of scores that you have purchased.  If you need to make more copies than what you have purchased, you will need to purchase additional copies from VAOMusik. Copying and distributing music beyond what you have purchased is copyright infringement and prohibited by U.S. copyright law.

What are the penalties for violating Copyright laws?

If you are found to be making illegal copies of copyrighted works, you can face fines of $750 to $30,000 (statutory damages) and if the court finds willfulness, up to $150,000 per incident of copyright infringement. If willful infringement for commercial advantage and private financial gain is proven, fines can increase up to $250,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment or both.  I would hate to see anyone have to go through any of this, so please support your working composers and obtain your scores legally.

Why do some scores have a minimum Purchase Amount?

Establishing a minimum purchase amount is a precaution taken to help both myself as the composer and you as the client.  It ensures that as a composer, I am being fairly compensated for my music by dissuading copyright violators from making more copies than permitted.  As a client, it helps ensure that you have a sufficient number of performers for any given work.  The minimum purchase amounts are decided by determining the minimum amount of performers necessary for a piece to work well.  For example, because Mountain Songs is written for Voice and Piano, the minimum purchase amount is 2 copies (1 for the singer and 1 for the accompanist). Conversely, a choral work such as Song of the Knight would require 24 singers at a minimum.

What should I do if I need to purchase less than the minimum amount?

If you need to purchase less than the minimum amount for an Honor or All-State Ensemble, please submit a Special Order Form before you place your order.  Purchases quantities less than the minimum amount cannot be completed without an approved Special Order form.

What should I do if I accidentally purchase less than the minimum amount?

If you accidentally purchase less than the minimum amount, you will receive an email detailing how to either order the additional copies or receive a refund of your payment.

What is the Return and Refund Policy?

Because all scores are delivered in a digital format, VAOMusik does not process returns or refunds on orders that have been fulfilled. If you have not yet received an email containing your licensed PDFs, you may request a cancelation and full refund of your order at Questions About My Order.

How Can I report a performance of Vasken Ohanian's Music?

If you are performing one of my works I would love to know!  That way, I can help promote the performance and possibly even attend.  Click here to report a performance.

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